Avon Skin Reset Plumping Shots

By | May 18, 2020

Avon Skin Reset Plumping Shots

Avon has just launched a game-changing product to restore 7 years of collagen in 7 days.  The Skin Reset Plumping shots are powered by Avon’s patented Protinol technology to help increase the ratio of collagen III, the secret to baby skin.

Why is Collagen important to your skin?

Collagen is the largest type of protein in our body providing structure in our bones, tendons and ligaments.  It also makes up 80% of our skin and is important for both supporting the structure and protecting the skin.

As we get older though, especially around the age of 25, our body produces less collagen. It is estimated it reduces at a rate of 1% a year. The reduction is particularly noticeable in women after the onset of the menopause, causing many women to feel that their skin is sagging and wrinkles more pronounced

Foods that can help increase the production of collagen.

A healthy, protein-rich diet can help, eg meat eggs, fish, dairy.  Certain fruits, in particular berries eg. Raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and Vitamin C from citrus fruits and red peppers can all help collagen to work better.  Likewise, a high sugar diet, smoking and exposure to UV rays damage the levels of collagen.

Avon’s new Skin Reset Plumping Shots

Avon has just launched a new product called Skin Reset Plumping Shots.  This contains the ingredient Protinol which increases the ratio of baby Collagen (collagen III) to Adult Collagen (Collagen 1).  The picture below shows the impact that protinol can have in both building and strengthening the matrix structure

To explain this further take a look at my video which shows me using it and how it will benefit your skin.

skin reset plumping shots

By following a 7-day system of Protinol you can see stronger, firmer, plumped, hydrated skin which is visibly healthier with increased bounce and fine lines smoothed.

How to use Avon’s Skin Reset Plumping Shots

Simply cleanse, break the top off the popsicle and then massage in.  Follow with your day/ night moisturiser.   By using the 7-day system once a month you will help to keep your collagen levels boosted.

Check out what the beauty industry are already saying about it.

Thank you for taking the time to learn all about Avon’s new Plumping shots and how they can boost your collagen levels.    If you have any questions, let me know.  All Avon products come with a 28-day money-back guarantee so why not take the plunge and see how they work to turn back time on your skin.   Available in the UK from Friday 5th June.

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Thanks Debra x

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