Avon Starter Kit – Which one is right for you?

By | August 23, 2018

Avon Starter Kit – How to decide

Now there is an Avon Starter kit for every type of business

Here are the differences between each Avon Starter Kit.

advanced kit essentials kit avon starter kitstart up starter kit

Avon enables you to start with just a handful of brochures and/or sell online or gives you the option to add products and samples to your kit. The bigger the kit, the greater the saving.  For example, the Advanced kit gives you over £270 worth of products for just £90!  There is no payment upfront.  All kits are shipped to you direct within 48 hours and you then have 13 days from joining to pay the invoice or even return it, with products, unopened, if you felt it wasn’t for you.  Lots of time to get started, make some money and see for yourself how fantastic the products are and the support you receive is.

In addition, all of our kits gives you your own online shop, where not only can customers buy direct and you just pocket the commission but there are demonstration videos, customer reviews, top sellers, a what’s new section plus some special offers for free delivery and free gifts to encourage and boost your orders.

To support this we also have a digital brochure.  This has the feel of a brochure. Customers can swipe the pages on their phone, tap to add to basket and choose to either send back to you for you to order and deliver, or they can choose to proceed to checkout, pay and Avon will deliver directly to them.  For the representative it is fantastic as however your customers choose to order, you earn the same commission!

Furthermore, all kits include 20 brochures and a range of business tools.

If however, you prefer to just get started with a handful of brochures, still with all the benefits of online selling, you can with our £15 Start-Up Kit

Here is a video I recorded showing you one of our kits.  View here

How do I know which one is right for me?   To help you decide, here is a little more information on how you may choose to use each kit.

Advanced Starter Kit

advanced avon starter kitAdvanced Starter Kit

This Avon Starter Kit is the Ultimate Kit!  It gives you everything from facial creams, serums, primers, eye makeup, lipstick, nail varnish, and so much more.  It’s absolutely incredible!  Just take a look at the Contents.  I was almost wondering what could possibly be missing when I saw the extent of the range.

If you are really looking to kick-start your business in a serious way for example, by demonstrating products at parties, on stalls or online this would definitely make you stand out from the crowd!

Essentials Starter Kit

essentials avon starter kitEssentials Starter Kit -Next up is an Avon Starter Kit that includes a few of our top selling products to share around family and friends or maybe demonstrating them online with your own photos and videos.  You can just simply add to it as you go.  Take a look at the contents.

Start-Up Starter Kit

 start upStart-up Kit – The final Avon Starter Kit is the basic kit.   In addition to all of the online support, you would expect you also get 20 brochures to hand out to friends, family, online customers and if you prefer you can even go door to door with them, purchasing more inexpensively if you want them.   You will be surprised how many people still love to flick through a brochure and are happy to pass it around work or to their own family and friends.  Before you know it you will have orders dripping, if not flooding, in from a huge range of places.

Do you have any questions?

If you would like to know more, just contact me or feel free to go ahead to start the process and I will be in touch.

This article explains some of the fantastic benefits of joining our Avon team.  Why Join Avon?

New Starter Free Gifts

When you join Avon you will find there are some fantastic incentives. These vary but at present if you sell over £170 in each of your first 4 campaigns you can qualify for gifts worth over £100.  Contact me for the latest information.

I hope this has helped you see even more what fantastic tools are available to support you at the start of your Avon business.  Finally, feel free to check out my other blogs below.

Thanks for reading. Debra x

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