Benefits of building a team with Avon

What are the different levels within Avon?

Before we go into the benefits of building a team with Avon, let’s explain a little about the career ladder you can follow called ‘Advanced Sales Leadership’.  In total there are 12 titles split across 4 different levels: –

  • Coordinators
  • Leaders
  • Executive Leaders
  • VIP

Chart to show the different levels of Sales Leaders - Coordinators, Leaders, Executive Leaders and VIP

To move up the ladder you need to achieve a certain level of personal and team sales. At the start it doesn’t matter how much individually each team member does.   This only matters later on.

What can you earn?

The first step is to get to Co-ordinator. Here you have a team turnover of £1,000 in the 3-week campaign and at least 5 representatives are placing an order.   Each of these reps will be directly linked to you.   Avon has recently moved to monthly campaigns and therefore the total volume of orders required has increased.  There is also a new pay plan coming in at the start of November which won’t require you to have the same number of reps, so just use this as a guide but contact me for the latest information.

If you continue building your team and help others do the same your income can really grow.  To get to the level of Senior Co-ordinator means you have a team of 15 representatives directly linked to you with a turnover of £4,000 in the campaign.  Average annual earnings are about £2,500. This is very achievable working it aroud family and work committments.  If you commit a bit more time and effort then you can proceed to the Leader Level.  At Advanced Leader you are helping others begin to build their own teams and you can be earning approx £ 14,000 plus per annum.   Just imagine if you weren’t able to work e.g. due to personal or family illness or even if you wanted a long holiday.  In a normal job you would clearly be worrying but in this case you would still get paid.

There is no pressure to build to this or beyond.  It is entirely up to you how far and fast you decide to go!

This chart above shows you the different levels.  As you hit each level for the first time you can also get cash bonuses.  What is even more exciting is that as you help others move up, you get rewarded too.  The chart below explains this further.

What help is there specifically for new Sales Leaders?

To help you get off to a fantastic start, Avon has a 90 Sales Leadership Programme with cash bonuses shown above during your first 6 campaigns as a Sales Leader.

If you are thinking well this all sounds amazing but how easy is it to get these orders and what support is available then have a look at my top Avon selling tips.    Some of your team may choose to sell just a little but others will aspire to achieve more and like me qualify for President’s Club.

These are the monetary benefits of building a team with Avon.  There are, however, so many other benefits.  For example, you will find your self-confidence grows.  You will develop new skills in IT, leadership and communication.  You will also get to work alongside lots of other self-motivated, positive people, many of whom will become friends.