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New Avon Starter Kit – Contents

New Avon Starter Kit To understand which new Avon starter kit may be best for you, I would read this article as it explains how to use the kits, the support and training you will receive and outlines other new starter company incentives. Here is a contents list for each new Avon start kit.  (Whilst efforts… Read More »

Avon Starter Kit – Which one is right for you?

Avon Starter Kit – How to decide Now there is an Avon Starter kit for every type of business Here are the differences between each Avon Starter Kit. Avon enables you to start with just a handful of brochures and/or sell online or gives you the option to add products and samples to your kit.… Read More »

My Avon Journey – Attending a makeup course for my Avon Business

My AVON Journey – Attending a makeup course for my Avon Business A week ago my Avon journey took an exciting step forward.   I was getting ready for a professional makeup course.  Why was I putting myself through this I asked myself?  I was surely going to be the oldest by far, surrounded by 20-year-old… Read More »