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1. How much can I earn?

Not surprisingly, this is one of the most frequently asked questions about Avon. With Avon we work in monthly campaigns.  As a basic you earn 20% commission on all orders. If you achieve sales of £250 or more you will earn 25% commission.  So, if you sold £400, you would have earned £100.  Of course, you could earn a lot more than this as I have.  It’s entirely up to you. If you wanted to become a Sales Leader and build a team then you can build a full-time income in part-time hours.

2. What does it cost to start?

You can actually join with no upfront fee.  There are different starter kits depending on if you just want a few brochures and/or to sell online or whether you would like products included in your kit e.g to demonstrate at parties.  The basic kit, normally £15 is just £5 until the end of September 2020.  It gives you a few brochures as well as access to your online store.  You would be invoiced at the time of ordering and would have 13 days to get started, make some money and pay back that invoice. Remember – this money is coming out of what you have earned, furthermore, if you felt you wanted to cancel and return your kit during the 13 days then no charge would be made.

3. Where can I distribute brochures?

You can hand the brochures to friends and family but, if you wish,  you can go anywhere.  All territory boundaries have been removed which means a massive opportunity for anyone wanting to build a big customer base.

Avon Brochures

4. How often do the brochures change and how much are they?

Avon has recently moved to monthly campaigns, so each brochure lasts for a month.  You can buy them in packs of just 5.  However if you would like a lot more than that, it makes sense to buy the brochures in bulk as it’s cheaper but also bear in mind, in many cases, you will be reusing them.  If you bought 100, they work out at less than 13 pence each.

5. What help and support is there?

To succeed being given the right support is essential, so it’s good that this question features in the frequently asked questions about Avon.  The webshop, the brochures, the commission is the same for everyone, however, the support you receive will undoubtedly differ depending on who you join with.  We have an incredible system of support from quick start guides to training videos and support groups.  You will never be alone.

6.  Can I sell online?

Absolutely.  Every representative is given their own webshop  It comes with links for you to share the products and videos on social media.  There are customer reviews and tutorials to really boost your orders.  Customers can order and Avon will deliver the goods direct to your customer anywehre in the UK and you earn just the same commission as if you had collected a brochure and then delivered the goods yourself.  In addition to the online store, Avon also produces a digital version of the brochure that can be sent to customers by text, message and what’s app. Customers can swipe the pages to browse, tap to add to a basket and then choose to either send back to the rep who will order for them and deliver or to proceed to checkout and pay for Avon to then deliver the goods to them.  Currently it’s free direct delivery over £20 and Avon often have exclusive product and delivery offers too.

There are many ways to promote your online store.  Here is my Facebook page but I also have a group to share latest offers, demo products and run fun Live events every week.

Screen shot of Avon online shop

7. What if I decide it’s not for me?

That’s ok. We know people’s circumstances change and, if you ever want to stop, all you need to do is email the company.

8. I like the idea of building a team, but I have never done this before?

Don’t worry we all start the same way and there are lots of people to help you.   You will be given training on how to generate enquiries,  how to share information about the business as well as how to support your new team.  It’s actually a lot of fun and there are some amazing cash bonuses to be gained as you progress in the business and help others to do the same.

9. Do I have to pay for products upfront and what about returns?

No, the company gives you a trading account which means you have 13 days before you need to pay them back.  If you wish to return anything all you need to do is raise a credit and the driver will collect it for free when he delivers your next order.

10. Is there a charge for delivery of the goods?

Avon gives you 2 free deliveries every month (providing your order is over £30).  Any further orders over £30 you place during the month are only charged at £1.50 and if like me, you take on board the retail tips you will soon hit ‘President’s Club’ which means you will qualify for free delivery on all orders this year and in the following one.

There are lots of changes happening that you are probably not even aware of.  

Avon is in the process right now of introducing so many things to improve the online side of the business.  Over the last few months we have already had the following changes:-

A digitial brohure linked to you so that you can share it across various channels and customers can choose to buy and select rep delivery or for Avon to deliver direct to them.  Remember you earn exactly the same commision however customers choose to order!

Avon has removed the minimum threshold so that reps can now earn 20% commission on all orders, with still an option to earn 25% if they sell over £250 in the month.

2 free deliveries in a campaign is a great benefit to enable more regular ordering with various delivery options e.g. express, collect from a shop/post office, Saturday deliveries etc.

New starter kits with a choice of samples, products and brochures.

If you wish to sell online, Avon has launched ‘Avon Social’ .  This provides a whole range of social media content that has been created for you to schedule onto your various platforms at the click of a button!  Even better, it’s free and allows you to edit the posts.

There is so much more in the pipeline too all backed up with fabulous training and incentives.

lady excited after hearing the answers to the frequently asked questions about Avon