President’s Club

Avon Company Incentives President’s Club

What is Avon President’s Club?


Avon company incentives are amazing.  Within less than 9 weeks of joining I qualified for Bronze President’s Club   Within just over 7 months from joining I had smashed through 4 further levels to hit Gold   

Here I am at the very first Gold event Avon have ever held being awarded a certificate for ‘Outstanding Achievement’.  I only joined in May 2018 and in just over 7 months sold £27,000 personally.   This meant that I was in the top 5% of reps for personal sales in the UK and I started part way through the year!


Avon has recently revamped it’s President’s Clubs programme.  There are now 4 levels which means you can actually hit them quicker and take advantage of all the fabulous benefits of love to shop vouchers, free products, invitations to gala dinners and more.



Avon company Incentives – Presidents Club.  How to Achieve it.

1. Distribute brochures.

You can give brochures to friends, family or leave with neighbours.  Furthermore, If you want, you can physically push the brochures through letterboxes in whatever area you wish  

2. Secondly, promote your online shop and digital brochure.

Avon gives you an online shop to promote to your friends, family and via social media.  This is a great way to pick up extra orders and in fact many reps now purely sell online.  Whilst customers can choose free delivery by yourself, they can also choose to have the products sent to them from the warehouse for a small delivery charge or even for free if their order is over £20.

We also now have an instant brochure to share too   This is an amazing way to help people see your brochure anywehre in the UK and to be able to order without you having to drop it off and collect it 

3.Thirdly build an online brand.

Finding new customers is great but it’s also fantastic to see repeat orders.  Having a Facebook group or page can help you to keep in contact with those customers rather than losing them after their initial order.   Here is my page where I share the latest brochure, tips, company and product information.

Here are my top  Avon selling tips that if you apply will really help you on the way to President’s Club.