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Cannabis Sativa Oil

Cannabis Sativa Oil Cannabis Sativa Oil is the buzz word in the beauty world right now.   So what is it?  Is Cannabis not dangerous? Here is Avon’s statement about their new beauty colleciton. “The Cannabis Sativa plant is a herb that’s used in everything from food to beauty. This rich ingredient contains around 8 cannabinoids,… Read More »

Eye Lift Cream

EYE LIFT CREAM As we get older the skin around the eye area begins to lose some of its elasticity.  As a result, it begins to sag and wrinkles develop.  However, by using an eye lift cream as part of your skincare routine these early signs of ageing can really be reduced.  It is important… Read More »

K-Beauty Products

K-Beauty Products by Avon and the K-Beauty Regime The name, K-Beauty, is short for Korean Beauty. It’s a whole skincare routine as well as K-Beauty products which originated from South Korea and is now being talked about all over the world. Avon has just launched it’s first K-Beauty Products in the UK and I thought… Read More »

Avon Perfumes – Avon Eve Truth

Avon Perfumes Eve Truth Avon Perfumes have beautiful bottles, exquisite fragrances and are amazing value.   Take a look at the whole ‘Eve’ range here. Avon Eve Truth is a gorgeous new perfume just launched by Avon being compared to Marc Jacobs ‘Daisy‘.    Buy it here. First impressions we know are so important and the bottle… Read More »

Give your skin a Treat with Anew Clinical

Anew Clinical  Anew Clinical is a range of skincare treatments to help address particular concerns.  They come in a variety of forms such as a cream, peel pads, a mask, or often as a serum, which is a concentrated solution. Here is some information on the different types, what benefits they can give and how they… Read More »

Anew Ultimate – Avon’s Solution to Younger Looking Skin in your 50’s

Anew Ultimate is an anti-ageing skincare collection targetted at women in their 50’s It is formulated to address multiple signs of ageing.  This includes early signs of ageing around the cheeks, wrinkles that are visible when not moving your face and skin that basically looks duller. As we get older the skin beneath the surface,… Read More »

ANEW REVERSALIST – Avon’s Skincare for the 40’s

ANEW REVERSALIST The Anew Reversalist regime is targetted at the early signs of ageing, typically in those aged 35-55.  Through boosting collagen and elastin it works to restore radiant, smooth skin with bounce.  9 out of 10 women surveyed felt they saw new skin, lines reduced, firmness regained and moisture had doubled. Anew Reversalist Day Cream… Read More »

Anti Ageing SkinCare

Anti ageing Skincare – Why our skin ages and how to slow down the ageing process and minimise the effects. Sadly we can’t turn back time and eventually we all see those signs we hate, wrinkles, less firm skin and even dark spots.  But thankfully by following an anti ageing skincare routine, there are some… Read More »

5 Step Skincare Routine with Avon Anew

Avon Anew – Skincare Routine There are 5 main steps to an Avon Anew Skincare Routine. When we look at skincare, most people think about cleansing and moisturising but the other essential steps are sometimes ignored.  The Avon Anew Skincare Routine recognises that our skin has different needs which basically require different products to achieve… Read More »