Avon Selling Tips


1. Activate your online shop 

Then get the link out to everyone you know. This is one of the top Avon selling tips and it can be done the day you join, before your brochures have even arrived.  Every representative gets this included.  Here you can see mine. In addition to the store link, Avon has also launched a digital brochure.  This gives your customer the option to swipe through the pages on their phone, simply add to basket and either send back to your for you to order, or to proceed to checkout, pay and then get Avon to deliver directly to them.  Remember you earn the same however customers choose to order.   Even if you don’t use social media very much you can text or email it to family and friends. It’s so exciting when those orders come in!

Screen shop of Avon Online shop

2. Decide on who you will give your first few brochures to.

Start with people who you see regularly so you can leave it with them but collect it to hand onto someone else quickly.

Avon brochures

3.  Be your own best customer

‘Swap where you Shop’. You will be tempted to buy so much for yourself but start with the things you buy already.  It’s not only going to boost your sales, so you smash your bonus but remember you will be getting these products at discount so great prices and there is nothing better than being able to personally recommend a product.   Speaking of testing products, don’t forget to take advantage of the option to get samples for your customers, whether it’s a fragrance or a lipstick.  They will not only love something for free but it will result in extra orders and customer loyalty.  For pennies, it’s another of my favourite Avon selling tips.

4. Ask people to share your brochures or links to your website

When handing out brochures or sharing on social media, don’t forget to ask people to share the brochure or link with people they know. The amount of extra orders I have had from friends and family members of my customers is amazing!   Setting up a Facebook page or group is a great way to remind customers of you and your products so they keep buying.   Here is my Facebook page

5.  Get organised!

Keep records of where your brochures are, who has ordered, who doesn’t want one in future and aim to order quickly so your customers don’t have to wait long, and you get paid.

6. Give it time 

Yes it may feel uncomfortable at first, but don’t worry everyone who has gone onto be successful was once unsure.  Whether it’s being nervous about  delivering brochures or  competent on computers, it’s amazing how soon you will overcome that.

7.  Set a goal.

There are no targets in Avon, but you will achieve so much more if you set a goal for yourself and a plan to go with it. If you write this down it will really help you to fit the activity you need to do around your other commitments.   One good goal to aim for is President’s Club as the rewards are fantastic, just for doing what you intended to do anyway.

The words 'Set Goals' next to a mobile phone

8.  Be willing to learn and also to ask for help.

There are Company live video calls, tutorial videos,  and Facebook groups offering lots of support and top Avon selling tips.   Take advantage of this amazing resource but equally do stop and ask for help when you need it.  I certainly did and that’s why I have achieved the success I have.

9.  Be proud.

Not everyone will understand your reasons for joining Avon.  They don’t need to.  They don’t pay your bills but rest assured if others can succeed, so can you.   Talking positively about your products and your business you will attract lots of extra orders.  This is one of my favourite top Avon selling tips that is more about an attitude than anything else.

3 ladies laughing and sharing Avon Selling Tips

10.  Have fun.

You are joining an amazing company which a track record of success and support.  You will learn lots, increase your self-confidence, look more beautiful both inside and out! As well as meeting lots of new customers and colleagues who will become friends.  Who better to pick up top Avon selling tips from than other representatives doing well so enjoy feeling part of a team learning together.