Why Join Avon

Hi, I am Debra Pusey.  So, Why Join Avon?

My background

I have been in direct sales for over 13 years.  Previously I was a Housing Manager but when my youngest son was diagnosed with autism I gave that up to support him.  When I looked for work flexibility was paramount as I would need to be around for him for many years.  Returning to my previous career was not an option.  I, therefore, found a company where was able to work from home the hours to suit me, with no boss, but all the support I needed to build a successful business.

Debra Pusey holding New business Sales company trophy

I received the company trophy for New Business Growth  and was rewarded with 9 all- expenses paid trips to places like Mexico, Dubai, India, Miami and Jamaica.  Sadly the company I was with went into Administration in 2018 which led me to find Avon.

Debra Pusey swimming with dolphins, villa in Jamaica and by pool bar                     Debra Pusey speaking at company conference in Mexico and out with team there

Sometimes, it is only when forced that we become open minded to something new and certainly for me that was the case, yet now I am so excited about my Avon business.

So why join Avon?  Well, it just works.   In my first 3 weeks, I personally retailed over £3,000.  That certainly proved to me that the products were popular and would sell both via the brochure and online.  That success has just continued and within less than 7 months I qualified for Gold President’s Club personally selling over £27,700 in the year.  Here are my top Avon selling tips

So why join MY Avon team?

I soon began to build a team and help others to get started and do the same.  At the company conference in January 2020 I was recognised on stage for being the number 1 established Sales Leader in Avon UK i.e. my team had had the biggest % increase in growth in the year!   You don’t do that alone. You achieve this by helping and supporting a team of reps to do the same.

Benefits for the rep

Even within the last 2 years there have been some huge changes, especially regarding the online opportunity that now exists for both customers to buy online and for reps to purely sell online from their settee.

Reps can now benefit from 20% commission from whatever sales they make, with an option to get 25% if they sell over £250 a month. With it being a product range that people use all the time, the repeat orders flooding in are just fantastic.

Benefits for the customer.  For the customer, Avon gives them great quality cosmetics but also perfume, clothes and accessories all at fantastic prices.  They can choose to flick through a brochure on the sofa or shop online on their phone.  Delivery is either via their distributor face to face or,  if they spend over £20, they can choose to have the items sent directly with free delivery.   My customers also love the little free samples of perfume or lipsticks that I pop in with each order too.

Why join Avon? The flexibility is amazing!  Being able to work around my children as they grew up has been incredible.  My oldest son has just finished university, not a cheap business these days! My youngest has started a supported internship.  To know I will always be able to support him in particular makes a huge difference.

mother with son cooking - Why join Avon - flexibility

Are you wondering if it will work for you? I can honestly say Avon can work for anyone who is willing to work.  You don’t need any experience or even an extensive knowledge of beauty products.  The website and brochures do that for you.

Interested but have questions?  Click here for my 10 frequently asked questions about Avon plus more info on the exciting new changes taking place.  It’s free to try.  So why not contact me to find out more or join Avon here.  I am now building another huge business.   Why not join and have some fun with me on that journey xx