What are the Benefits of Retinol?

By | April 30, 2020

Superhero Retinol.  So what are the benefits of retinol on your skin?

What Am I?:

I am the fighter of wrinkles and acne, creating smoother, clearer, and more beautiful skin with every application.  The benefits of retinol are truly amazing!

Where I Come From:

I’m a derivative of vitamin A, mostly derived from enzymes in milk or egg to deliver a potent treatment to multiple skincare issues.

Benefits of Retinol – Our Superhero:

I have the unstoppable power to change your skin for the better!

Here’s what I can do for you:

  • Clear your skin by unclogging deep down into your pores
  • Conquer acne-causing bacteria
  • Repair skin damage
  • Rejuvenate and smooth fine lines and wrinkles
  • Even-out skin tone and fade discolourations
  • Shrink pores down to size

What I Like To Fight:

Superhero Retinol goes head-to-head against acne and ageing and knocks them down a peg. By fighting the bacteria that causes acne, your skin stands a chance at becoming clearer. Even skin conditions like psoriasis are no match for Superhero Retinol. Furthermore, I knock out damaging cells and help your skin to naturally replenish, looking more and more beautiful with every use.

Where you will find me.  The Benefits of Retinol:

anti wrinkle smoothing serum with benefits of retinol

Avon has put me to work in their Anew Clinical Anti-Wrinkle Smoothing Serum.  This powerful bottle contains 0.1% pure retinol. Here I go to work to help boost collagen levels to fill even deep wrinkles. Team this with my mate, exclusive resurfacing Oxa-Di-Acid and you’ve got a serum that delivers improvement in the look of surface wrinkles in just days. Yes, we are dermatologist tested and suitable for all skin types – but hey we are a power duo so do test an area first.

In 3 days: 99% of women showed an improvement in fine lines*.

In 1 week: the look of even deep wrinkles are reduced*.

In 2 weeks: 100% of women showed results on wrinkles*.

We, if I say so myself, these results are just truly amazing.

How to use me:
Just apply to cleansed face and neck in the evening. Follow with your Anew moisturiser and let your skin repair and restore while you sleep.  Help me out though and don’t forget your SPF in the morning.

Benefits of Retinol yet the Challenges I Face:

I work hard to give you the gorgeous skin you deserve, but you might not see how hard I’m fighting until you look back on all my battles. Things don’t change overnight and while you will notice improvements, all of my efforts will come to light when you are patient.

Don’t forget that half that battle is taking care of yourself. Certain foods and beverages can bring out the worst in your skin, causing you to break out or age at a more rapid rate. I will keep fighting for you, but you must also fight for yourself when it comes to your inner health!

(Reference: https://www.livestrong.com/article/143773-what-are-benefits-retinol-cream/)

Thanks for taking the time to read all about my superpowers!    For the morning why not pair me with Anew Clinical Anti-Wrinkle Plumping Concentrate  which contains 1.5% hyaluronic acid

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These products will work best alongside a good skincare routine. To go directly to each regime within this, see the links below:
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Anew Reversalist aimed at those in their 40’s
Anew Ultimate aimed at those in their 50’s
Anew Platinum aimed at those in their 60’s

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