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What are the benefits of Anti-oxidants?

Superhero Antioxidants – So what are the Benefits of Anti-oxidants on your skin? What Am I: I am a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals with a big attitude to take on even the most destructive environmental antagonists, the evil free radical overlords, saving your skin from irreparable damage.   The benefits of anti-oxidants are truly huge!… Read More »

Anew Ultimate – Avon’s Solution to Younger Looking Skin in your 50’s

Anew Ultimate is an anti-ageing skincare collection targetted at women in their 50’s It is formulated to address multiple signs of ageing.  This includes early signs of ageing around the cheeks, wrinkles that are visible when not moving your face and skin that basically looks duller. As we get older the skin beneath the surface,… Read More »

5 Step Skincare Routine with Avon Anew

Avon Anew – Skincare Routine There are 5 main steps to an Avon Anew Skincare Routine. When we look at skincare, most people think about cleansing and moisturising but the other essential steps are sometimes ignored.  The Avon Anew Skincare Routine recognises that our skin has different needs which basically require different products to achieve… Read More »