How to Decide What Sun Cream to Use

By | April 27, 2019

With so many sun creams on the market, it can be hard to decide what the difference is, and which one is right for you. Avon sun cream comes in the form of sprays and creams with different levels of protection and a range suitable for the face, sensitive skin and kids. So, let’s take a look at what it all means.

how to choose the right sun cream


Even the different names used can be confusing from sun cream to sunscreen, sun protector, sun block etc There are basically 2 types of protection.  The first is a chemical one that effectively absorbs the UV rays and reflects them from your body. The second is a mineral based sun cream that blocks the sun at the source.  Nothing can block it though 100% which is why the word sunblock is no longer used.

Definations for sun protection

Ultra Violet Rays

Ultra Violet B Rays (UVB) can cause sunburn and skin cancer

Ultra Violet A Rays (UVA) don’t actually cause sunburn but they can also cause cancer and penetrate deep into the skin accelerating the ageing process and causing wrinkles.

In fact, it is estimated that 90% of skin changes associated with ageing is due to exposure to UVA rays.    Over the years that exposure takes its toll, even when you are young and at the time can’t see the effect.

What SPF Should you use?

Sun Protection Factor or (SPF) is the level of protection against dangerous UVB rays.  The higher the protection factor, the greater % of UVB rays that are filtered out.  However, the benefit actually becomes more marginal the higher you move.  E.g.  An SPF15 should filter out 93%, an SPF30 97% and an SPF50 should filter out approximately 98%.  The higher the SPF the longer you can stay in the sun without sunburn caused by UVB rays.  Say you would normally burn in 10 minutes, then an SPF15 multiplies this time by 15 making it 150 minutes.  However, this is only protection from UVB rays.  Some people will also burn a lot quicker than 10 minutes depending on their skin and the insensitivity of the heat.

For the reasons mentioned above, it is also important to choose a sun cream that protects against UVA rays too.  Any cream that protects against both should stipulate they carry a broad spectrum or complete protection.

Water Resistant

No suncream will be waterproof so it is essential that you reapply it regularly.  This is especially important if sweating a lot and definitely each time you dry off after leaving the beach or swimming pool.  Avon’s suncream is defined as very water resistant which means it will stay effective up to 80 minutes in the water.   Be careful creams that only say water resistant will only protect you for 40 minutes.

Sun Cream for children

sun cream for kids

Children need extra protection. Their skin is very sensitive and with many children not wanting to sit still while they are covered from top to bottom in sun cream, it is important it is also easy to apply.  Avon has some great kids sun cream e.g. Multi vitamin sun cream with a Disney character on.  There also have one which is fun to apply e.g. the spray variety is blue but dries white once rubbed in.

Sun cream for Sensitive Skin

sun cream for sensitive skin

If you are worried about applying sun cream to sensitive skin, then check out these reviews.

Avon does a Pure and Sensitive Face and Body Sun Lotion which is light and oil free.

Avon Sun cream for the Face

sun protection for the face

Making sure you don’t neglect the face is really important. Here is a blog with some tips on sun protection specifically for the face. When you consider our face is exposed all year round, and it’s the area must of us would like to stay looking younger, it is very important.

For a body suncream, Avon Suncream comes in a lotion and a spray. Choose from an SPF15, SPF30 or SPF50.

Avon After Sun care

after sun protection

After any exposure to the sun, it is important to moisturise your skin.  Avon’s after sun range contains a special blend of aloe vera gel and pro-vitamin B5 to help soothe and moisturise sun-kissed skin.  Not only will it help it feel softer but it will prevent peeling so to prolong your tan.   It comes in the form of a cooling gel, lotion, spray and the one that I sell most of, the body butter.

Self-Tan and Tan Accelerators

sun bronzing mousse

One reason many people get burnt is that they suddenly expose their skin to the sun, desperate to get that tan on a hot day.  This is especially true in the UK where we only get a couple of months, if that, of hot weather.  Using a self-tan e.g. Avon’s Magic Tan Bronzing Mousse can help give you that sun-kissed glow before the sun arrives.  The Maxi Tan Bronze Tan Accelerator also has great reviews. It contains a Vitamin-infused formula with beta-carotene to help accelerate your skin’s natural tanning process.  Great to use before your holiday but still remember to use good sun protection while away.

What will you try today?

Thanks for reading.  If you would like to try any Avon products you can order online with direct delivery within the UK within 3-5 days. All products come with a 28-day money back guarantee, so why not try an Avon suncare product today and let me know how you get on.

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