Best Avon Perfumes – Why Avon is the Number 1 Fragrance Brand in the UK

By | April 27, 2019

Best Avon Perfumes

Avon has been selling perfume for over 100 years with new fragrances launched almost every couple of months. In fact, they are the number one fragrance brand in the UK.  So, what are the best Avon perfumes? Why are they so popular?

Let’s look at the history of Avon Perfumes

how avon started

Avon’s origins go to back to an American businessman, entrepreneur and cosmetic salesman called David Hall McConnell Sr
He was brought up on a farm and planned to become a maths teacher. However, instead in 1879 he became a salesman for a book selling agency. He was needing to earn more so decided to make perfume and add these as free gifts with book purchases. The ladies loved the perfume more than the actual books. That led to the idea of selling perfume door to door and from there the whole business grew.

By the time he died, he had over 30,000 ladies selling door to door!  For a further look at how the fragrances have changed over the years  click here

Do you recognise any of these older Avon bottles? They were given to one of my Avon customers by her mother.

avon bottles

Best Avon perfumes

So, what is Avon’s most popular perfume? Well, the best seller is Far Away but of course, many customers have their own favourites.

best avon perfume far away

Best Avon Perfumes – Far Away

Far Away was established back in 1994 and since then other fragrances have been added to the range e.g. Far Away Infinity, Far Away Gold and Far Away Rebel.  Like many of the Avon perfumes, it comes in a 50 ml bottle, a handbag size of 30 ml, a purse spray 10 ml.  It even comes with a matching anti-perspirant, shower gel, body lotion, body powder and a room fragrance set.

Little Black Dress

Other top-selling perfumes include Little Black Dress. This has been compared to J’Adore (Dior) and Mademoiselle (Coco Chanel). Added to this range more recently has been Little Black Dress Weekend and Little Black Dress Party.

Eve Collection 

Another favourite is the Eve Discovery collection which includes Eve Alluring, Eve Confidence and Eve Elegance. The latest perfume Eve Truth was launched in 2019 and fronted by Eva Mendes and is said to smell very similar to Marc Jacobs ‘Daisy’.   It was featured in the Daily Mail and in its first month, one bottle was sold every 20 seconds.

avon eve truth

Eve Truth is a high quality, long lasting fragrance for up to 8 hours.  It was created by leading perfumer Laurent Le Guemec.  He has won numerous awards and has created fragrances for Ralph Lauren and Marc Jacobs.  For more information on this range click here.

Eve Duet

Eve Duet    Award Winning perfume

Eve Duet by Avon

This is Avon’s first layered perfume.   It consists of 2 bottles that fit together enabling you to wear each scent individually or you can layer them to suit your mood.  It has won lots of awards such as the winner of the Fragrance Foundation Awards 2018, Readers’ Choice for Women. Furthermore, in 2018 it was awarded Silver in the best new fragrance category in the Pure Beauty Awards!

Attraction Sensation

The newest fragrance launched today 26th April 2019 is Attraction Sensation. It comes in a ‘his’ and ‘her’ fragrance.

attraction sensation for her

attraction sensation for him

‘His’ has an oriental feel with black pepper, lavender oil and sage. To launch it the gift set includes a hair and body wash and an aftershave conditioner. ‘Hers’ is an oriental, floral and fruity combination, with notes of plum, jasmine and ambertonic. This set includes a body mist and body lotion.  Attraction Sensation was created by world-renowned perfumers, Laurent Le Guernec and Michelle Defina.

So Why are Avon perfumes so popular? 

Well without a doubt many customers say they smell fabulous but are also incredibly good value for money.  Much cheaper, yet similar to many expensive brands.

What is your favourite Avon perfume? If you would like a sample sent just contact me.  With all Avon products, there is a 28-day money back guarantee.  So why not try something new today.   No one can be fairer than that.

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