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Avon Dual Dark Circle Corrector

Avon’s Dual Dark Circle Corrector As we get older we can often start to see wrinkles, bags and even dark circles under our eyes.  In fact, our eyes are often the first area we start to see ageing.  The skin here is also the thinnest in our body and therefore it requires us to give… Read More »

Avon Face Cream

Avon Face Cream Do you find it hard to decide what face cream is right for you?  Avon face cream is one of our top sellers.  In 1990 Avon launched Avon Anew, it’s premium anti-ageing skincare and makeup collection. The range has grown beyond just facial creams.  It now includes cleansers, serums, facial masks, foundation,… Read More »

Skincare for Rosacea

Skincare for Rosacea I was diagnosed with Rosacea in my late 30’s.  There are lots of things you can do to minimise the triggers for Rosacea and to help alleviate the symptoms.  One area specifically worthy of attention is your skincare for rosacea. Let’s start with cleansing the skin Choose a cleanser that is mild and… Read More »

Is There a Cure for Rosacea?

Is there a Cure for Rosacea? I am Debra and I have been a rosacea sufferer since my late 30’s. Here I talk about my journey to discover Rosacea.  Before we look at the various treatments and whether there is a cure for rosacea let’s start with the question – What is rosacea?  Until I… Read More »