Avon Dual Dark Circle Corrector

By | April 26, 2020

Avon’s Dual Dark Circle Corrector

As we get older we can often start to see wrinkles, bags and even dark circles under our eyes.  In fact, our eyes are often the first area we start to see ageing.  The skin here is also the thinnest in our body and therefore it requires us to give it a bit of love.   Avon Dual Dark Circle Corrector has a 2 part system to help lighten the area and reduce the cause of discolouration over time.   Take a look the video below to see exactly how to apply Avon’s Dual Dark Circle Corrector and how it works.   91% of women surveyed saw an improvement in just one week.   To buy it now click here.

video of dark circle corrector

Dark Circle Corrector

Why Dark Circles appear

So why do we see dark circles? We often talk about it being a sign of tiredness and while that can certainly not help and may be a cause in some cases, there are many other contributory factors.

As we age the skin gets thinner and so the blood vessels beneath the surface start to show more and can make the area look darker.

Excessive Rubbing.  Allergies, whether it’s hay fever or a reaction to particular face cream, or make up can cause the skin to itch or our eyes to water.  The tendency then to rub the area is heightened and this can cause darker areas around the eye.    Our body also produces histamines to fight allergies and this also can cause the blood vessels to swell and appear darker.

Sun damage is also a factor as it can cause our skin to produce excess melanin, the pigment in our skin and make it look darker.    Straining our eyes in the sun or at screens won’t help either so resting our eyes and wearing a high factor SPF and also sunglasses can help.

We often talk about the benefits of drinking enough water for our general health.  Well if we get dehydrated it can also cause our eyes to appear sunken which means the skin is nearer to the bone and that can show through more and give a dark appearance.

Your family genes.  Yes, some dark circles are seen to follow in families so sadly genetics does play a part.

Reducing Dark Circles

So what can we do to reduce dark circles?  Natural remedies you will have heard of no doubt include placing a cold eye gel, tea bags or cucumber on your eyes and resting with your eyes closed for 20 minutes.  This is all aimed at constricting the blood vessels and reducing swelling.  Of you can just use concealer. It won’t improve them but it can reduce the visible appearance.  Just make sure you go for the right type for your skin as well as shade and blend it in well to avoid lines.  If your skin is dry, try and go for a liquid concealer, if it is oily, a cream one is better.  Be careful not to drag the skin and cause more problems.


Avon’s Dual Dark Circle Corrector

For a longer-term approach, Avon’s new Dual Dark Circle Corrector is getting some fantastic feedback. In just one week, 91% of women saw an improvement in their dark circles.

How Avon’s Dual Dark Circle Corrector works.

In the morning, using a ring finger, lightly dab the white correcting cream under the eye. This anti-oxidant rich hydrating cream with colour correcting technology works to instantly brighten the dark circles. At night apply the green lightweight soothing gel in the same way. This contains organic marine algae extract to help reduce the cause of discolourations over time. All Avon products come with a full 28-day money-back guarantee, so it’s a great opportunity to try something new.

Thanks for taking the time to read about Dark Circles under your eyes.  If I can answer any questions, just let me know.  To buy Avon Dual Dark Circle Corrector click here.

Thanks Debra x

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