Vitamin C Serum

By | May 31, 2019

Superhero Vitamin C

Vitamin C Serum

What I Am:

Vitamin C. I am an essential vitamin that is needed to create my sidekick collagen and I help to save skin from sun damage, one face at a time.

Where I Come From:

You’ll find me in plenty of the fruits and vegetables you eat. You’ll also find me in vitamin C serum where I can work from the outside in to restore your skin to its former glory. Just apply 2 drops of Avon’s new Vitamin C Radiance Maximising Serum after cleansing but before moisturizing and feel me get to work straight away.

Benefits of Superhero Vitamin C:

I’ll never stop fighting on your quest for your most glorious skin!

Here’s what I can do for you:
• Boost your natural collagen production to banish fine lines and wrinkles
• Block sun damage from causing harm to your skin
• Even-out skin tone with a brightening effect, especially under the eyes
• Speed up your skin’s ability to heal
• Unite your skin tone for a refined appearance
• Visibly reduce the signs of aging to rubble
• Motivate skin to become brighter, clearer, and healthier overall
• Make inflammation disappear

How Long Do I Take To Get To Work?

Apply me via Avon’s Vitamin C serum and you will see how powerful I really am. In just one week your skin will look and feel healthier. In 2 weeks it will look smoother and more even. Each bottle of vitamin C serum has the equivalent of 30 oranges of me! If that’s not enough you can even call me to give you a mega power shot via the new Vitamin C booster capsules. Just twist the end to release the power shot into your hand and mix into your night cream. Each capsule manages to squeeze 20% of me into each one! That’s some serious Vitamin C goodness.   Click here to see a video of me in action.


What I Like To Fight:

Every day for Superhero Vitamin C is a constant battle against environmental antagonists that seek to destroy your skin. I stand proud, serving as your loyal guard for fighting away inflammation, evil free radicals and damaging sun rays that cause photoaging, to keep your skin looking glorious as always.

I believe everyone should put their best face forward and with my help and protection, you can achieve beautiful skin that looks and feels healthy and seems utterly ageless.

Challenges I Face:

Whilst I can guard you on the outside with my incredible Vitamin C serum, you must take care of your inside too. Bring Superhero Vitamin C into your daily nutrition.

My ultimate goal is to protect you with my powers for your best skin and overall health. When you find your skin shows signs of ageing , who are you gonna call, that’s right call on me, Superhero Vitamin C, to help you knock out the damage and restore your skin fast.

I really am amazing but it would be unfair not to give my superhero buddies a shout out too. Check out other superheroes

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