SUN PROTECTION FOR THE FACE We often think about protecting our arms, legs and body in the Summer but it’s easy to ignore sun protection for the face, which is exposed to the sun all year round.   In fact, although we think about sunbathing being the main cause of skin damage, 80% of our exposure… Read More »

5 steps for the Perfect Nude Lip

5 Steps for the Perfect Nude Lip Is the glamour of red dying out?  Maybe not, but many cosmetic companies are seeing a huge surge in ‘nude’ shades.  Avon’s nude lip sales have seen a dramatic rise of 20% in the last 2 years alone.  Their latest nude lipstick, Perfect Nude Lipstick in Lush Cocoa… Read More »

Eye Lift Cream

EYE LIFT CREAM As we get older the skin around the eye area begins to lose some of its elasticity.  As a result, it begins to sag and wrinkles develop.  However, by using an eye lift cream as part of your skincare routine these early signs of ageing can really be reduced.  It is important… Read More »

7 Tips on How to make your perfume last longer

7 Tips How to Make Your Perfume Last Longer Wearing a lovely new or favourite perfume can make you feel amazing.  The confidence it can give when you receive compliments is incredible.  However, have you ever really considered how you store it, where you apply it or even how you apply it?   Here are some… Read More »

Far Away Avon

Far Away Avon When you ask people about their favourite Avon products one that is mentioned all the time is Far Away Avon perfume Far Away Avon was launched back in 1994.  It has a distinctive bottle with a tassel, (strangely enough, tassels are ‘the thing’ this year but for Far Away it has been its… Read More »

K-Beauty Products

K-Beauty Products by Avon and the K-Beauty Regime The name, K-Beauty, is short for Korean Beauty. It’s a whole skincare routine as well as K-Beauty products which originated from South Korea and is now being talked about all over the world. Avon has just launched it’s first K-Beauty Products in the UK and I thought… Read More »

Avon Perfumes – Avon Eve Truth

Avon Perfumes Eve Truth Avon Perfumes have beautiful bottles, exquisite fragrances and are amazing value.   Take a look at the whole ‘Eve’ range here. Avon Eve Truth is a gorgeous new perfume just launched by Avon being compared to Marc Jacobs ‘Daisy‘.    Buy it here. First impressions we know are so important and the bottle… Read More »